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11 March 2010 @ 09:02 pm
I've been working on my BLU mostly since last post. After getting 75 the real work started... Biggest annoyance was learning the rest of my BLU spells,  followed by skilling up sword, buying mage gear, earning some merits, and leveling RDM to 37, lol. Even after doing all that crap I still need a lot of work. Immediate gear I'm looking at ist Koggelmander, Perdu Hanger, Tizona, Alky bracelets, Enkidu Subligar, Enkidu Mittens, Helenus's Earring and Cassandra's Earring. Guess I'll need to get the last 2 gobbie bag upgrades or else my inventory space will be lacking, or I could store some gear on Kha or Trvial but that gets annoying fast. 

My merits for BLU consist of 5 BLU Magic Skill, 2 BLU Magic Accuracy, and 1 in Physical Potency. The layout I have in mind for BLU would be capped BLU Magic Skill merits, capped Magic Accuracy, capped Physical Potency, capped Convergence. The 2 merit categories up in the air are Diffusion and Assimilation merits. Diffusion would be nice but I'd be looking at 7 and half minute recast on the job ability and Assimilation would be decent for more BLU points but only 1 more point per upgrade pretty much sucks. 

Needs more merits...
20 February 2010 @ 08:41 am
I've focused more on leveling BLU since the last post. Thanks mainly to MMM runs, and lvl 18 Qufim parties thanks to Killerelf, my BLU is now level 71! ...Well more like @600 exp until 71 lol. Just a few more lvls for all the cool gear like homam, enkidu, and mirke waldecors. Also, Hysteric Barrage was definitely a bitch to learn probably took at least 3 hours combined. >.>

I really need to start building a Mind set for Mind Blast and other Spells.  Hopefully ZNM will put out some enkidu gear and limbus will offer BLU AF 1 items. Hopefully I'll have enough inventory to accommodate these gear sets, I'm already pushing 6 fully geared 75 jobs so it's going to be hard. Oh yeah and I also need to merit for points toward perdu hanger... Seems like a decent amount of work.

On the last Ultima run EndlessTwilight beat I managed to fraps the whole thing, now I'm just trying to find a decent place to host it. Ultima is a really fun fight to tank as RDM/NIN. Seems like every time I tank Omega or Ultima it seems easier and I'm definitely more used to it. I wouldn't mind tanking other mobs if the opportunity came up. 

During today's Limbus run one of the members sent me a /tell stating she wouldn't be attending. Ok no problem we have Twink to main heal for that run as RDM that group will be fine. Obviously the reason she couldn't come is because she had real life shit to do.  Before taking off for Sea one of the members pointed out that she was in dynamis committing to another event in our time slot, wow...

After sending her a /tell stating she was kicked she responded with calling me out for blowing this out of proportion. She also went on to say that she deserved to be off the hook for this one because her attendance was above average and some big LS invited her to dynamis.She kept insisting about her good attendance until I finally told her it wasn't about her attendance it was really about the broken commitment she made to her Limbus LS (which is essentially the social LS we are all in). The LS members deserve a little more respect after helping her achieve some wanted Ultima gear. I only grew angrier after all the arguing was done and she said thanks for the gear after I told her I was done with the conversation.

I wonder how many people would agree with me that this situation was dishonest and I was in my rights to promptly kick her from the LS. ...I'm willing to bet quite a few would agree. Good riddance to Solanis I say, I doubt she'll be missed.

There's a lot of other thoughts I could type out but the words don't seem to be there. Hopefully I'll do another entry soon. :p
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09 February 2010 @ 07:43 am
I was looking over previous entries with reminiscent feelings and thinking that I've been playing FFXI a long time. Soon after these thoughts appeared in the mess that is my brain, a feeling of wasted time came over me. Did I really "waste" my time on an addictive game that has the potential to drain your life?

I started this game when I was still in high school around the time of the NA release and I'll be 25 soon. As a strapping young lad armed with insomnia and desire, I was able to progress through the game with decent speed. I've had the company of many good friends through out my time on FFXI, most of which have already grown out of FFXI. I even met an incredibly down to earth, beautiful, awesome girl that has helped me grow out of my teenage angst and appreciate life for what it can be. I probably would of never been able to get this far in life without the nudge of FFXI. It might sound desperate and sad to some but I would definitely do it all again. 

I've been playing FFXI all these years with only a few real breaks from the game. I've leveled some more jobs since last entry and have improved my characters more with gear and accomplishments. I even started running a limbus shell. Sadly during the period of time I haven't posted, Caffine lost his character due to salvage bans. Something stupid and senseless drove him to quit altogether even when he still had Roids available to him. I don't blame him really cause I would of done the same if Neojin was banned permanently. Luckily for me I was temporary banned but sadly it came with the price of losing a great friend of over 5 years through FFXI.

I'm no longer with AbsoluteZero and to spare the whole bloody story, it didn't end with happy farewells. It turns out it wasn't the "family" I made it out to be in my first entry of this journal. Illogical accusations were angrily issued toward my girlfriend and myself, which caused the immediate kick from the ls we both loved being apart of. After all the drama, it turned out for the better when Jonel invited us to his social Blackrose. Twinkletoes and I have been with Blackrose for over 6 months now and it's been great. It's becoming more of the "family" than AbsoluteZero could ever be. No bullshit drama and people talking behind your back. 

I still have Trvial at my disposal and now I also have Kha to use courtesy of Jonel after he was permanently banned. I will admit however, that it's a little strange playing as Kha when he was leader of my first end game shell that was actually worth a damn back when I was in it. Sadly he only had a couple of merits so I had to start from scratch on them. It wasn't too bad, just boring curing people during parties. Good thing I always had a movie or show to watch during that time. :P

Recently, my attention has fallen on leveling BLU. I really wanted to level the job when it was first introduced but after putting in some research into what I would have to do, I hesitated. The hardest part definitely started at that beginning levels, and again when I started to learn BLU magic. My first BLU spell took over 3 hours to learn and the spells that followed were time consuming also. After many long tedious hours I have reached level 65 as of today. 

Hopefully next entry I'll have some screenshots to post. :P
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24 January 2007 @ 05:15 pm
Well, I got 75 Ninja the other day in Bhaflau Thickets. It was my first time exping there in the new Greater Colibri and Bugard camp. It was pretty kickass there seeing as how we were doing an insane 22k exp per hour or something equally amazing. Setup was 2 Warriors (Sidanoir and Stamos), 1 Leet Ninjar (me if you didn't figure out :p), 2 Bards (Fosha and Djekkie. One was 2boxed and was also a relic horn wielder), 1 White Mage(Djekkie). I didn't do too bad considering I was amongst 2 Warriors, one of them having a ridill. I think the parse turned out 24% for me and some percentage among the Warriors. It was pretty interesting either way especially when you see Stamos using a Warp Scroll because he's too much of a pussy to stay and wipe with the rest of us. >.>;

I had another party there after that and it was something like 3 hrs long and yielded a high chain. It was actually my record. :p So much expree per hour that day, I can't believe I even got Trv some merits too. (was 2boxing) Jiriki, Djekkie, Trvial, Tyjira, Tellus, and myself in the party. Was some hawt shit lawl.

Haven't really been up to anything else except spending money for a spoiled taru named Trvial. Recently bought a Hedgehog Bomb(an overpriced 1.250mil), Enfeebling Torque(1mil), Cure Clogs(350k), Ether Ring(150k), Grandiose Chain(300k) and before that Apollo's Staff(1.1milish) and Pluto's Staff(1.1milish). All that stupid White Mage shit took a toll on my wallet; grand total equalling 5,250,000 Gil. I bought all that even though I told myself a long time ago when my friend first gave me the account that I wouldn't put any money into the character and sell his equipment. Guess I proved myself wrong. I definitely need to do some BCNMs and camp some NMs to offset this spending.

I have also been using merits on both Neojin and Trvial. Ahead is some boring information that might possibly put you asleep. With that in mind read with caution at your own risk.

After each post I like to give some random screenshots blah, blah, blah. Hopefully they amuse someone. Guess that's all for now, I'll try and update soonish (yeah right) >.>
24 December 2006 @ 08:30 pm
Merry Christmas and all that jazz.
17 December 2006 @ 05:13 am
People who look at this thing, know that I already suck at updating. Hopefully I can "change my ways" and actually continue to insert more random crap into my LJ but I make no promises. :p

Since I've done a hell of alot since my last update, I'll start out with a drops attained screenshot. The drops I have received are really good but it's earned me the nickname "lootwhore" for some reason. The picture also looks like shit but i don't really care right now 'cause it's almost 5:30 in the A.M.

My LS, AbsoluteZero, also did a Kirin zerg since my last update of fail. It was pretty fun seeing Kirin go down in 2 minutes, and I was on Warrior wrecking havoc, too bad I didn't have Ridill yet, or else my damage output could of been way better. One of our members, Tactix, recorded the thing in Fraps and along with a couple people made a YouTube Video which is pretty good. The quality is kinda meh, like most videos from FFXI, but whatever it's still watchable and you can see some familiar people if you're from Leviathan. Also you can hear me from the Teamspeak conversation in the background which is scary.

Kirin in 2 minutes, courtesy of AbsoluteZero.

Recently I've been spending my days in a fun place called Ifirt's Cauldron trying for chances at a Wyvern Helm +1 so that my E-Peen can be satisfied when I'm on sam. Sadly my luck isn't from a fairy tale so I expected to run into alot of synths before that magical moment where "ZOMFG HQ" was uttered. What I didn't expect is getting so fed up with seeing NQ's hour after hour in the "lovely" Cauldron and in turn causing myself to abandon playing the game for a few hours. It's not the bonecrafter's fault since the retarded synth is level 99, but I wish I could blame someone so easily for this crap lol.

Since last update I got my MNK to 75. I've mentioned to a couple people that I'd at least like to go a couple months enjoying the job before leveling another one, but the oppurtunity hasn't been there so I got bored. Yesterday I geared up my level 40 Ninjar and looked for a place to solo exp. Of course by solo exp I mean 2boxing a WHM and avoiding the n00b parties that I love so much. Anyways, I started off in Yhoator Jungle near the telepoint. I pulled an IT crawler and slowly but surely dropped his HP. Too bad it took like 2 hours. -.- So after a little more researching I decided to head to good ol' Garliage Shitadel where the n00bs are every where and the aggroe plentiful. I found a nice little corner next to some lovely RMT and began to steal their exp mobs. Exp wasn't too bad but it wasn't too good either. NIN kinda sucks soloing shit at this level simply because it's weak. I managed about 6k exp for that hour and got invited to a PT. Sadly the mother fucker who invited me logged without saying something so I decded to log out. It's going to be fun leveling this to 75. >.>

What update could be complete without a little random screenshots? Not this one of course. If you haven't caught on, this part is where I become lazy and stop thinking of things to type. Anyways! Enjoy.

14 December 2006 @ 05:27 pm
I fail at updating my journal, should I give it another go?
17 August 2006 @ 10:31 pm
Been to long since I've updated this. Mainly due to being lazy and wanting to do other stuff. Truth be told playing FFXI was getting boring but I've decided to lvl another job (big surprise I know). Anyways that job is MNK, probably the best DoT melee job there is second to only WAR. I've got to say that it's pretty fun, especially when you don't have to put up with n00bs in your party. That's due to the WHM by my side whenever I'm online. Haven't been in a party for 52 lvls of my MNK career lol.

So last Sunday AZ did Dynamis-Xarcabard. I had a feeling something good was going to happen. The good thing just happened to be THF AF hands dorp. It happened so randomly too. So the announcement came where only Pheryl and I would lot the AF. I hoped my bad lots with great items wouldn't show up as I saw Pheryl lotted. I took a breath and hit the cast lots and watched as I came out the victor! After nearly 2 or more years of doing dynamis I got the only piece I ever wanted. Thanks AZ! I am now a TH whore to the max. lawl

One day someone from the LS spotted this in one of the bazaars right outside of Jeuno. Looks like someone wasn't thinking when they put this in there lol. Radman was alerted and with some gil lent out to him from Olorin, Firepower, and myself he bought it out of the bazaar. Now I get to use a kraken club whenever I want to :p.

Now for your entertainment, I'll put some random screenshots that are cool or funny. Just because I can. :p Enjoy u.u.
12 May 2006 @ 01:34 am
Yeah... I'm actually free to update this thing now. Finals went over pretty good. :) This is a huuuuuge update lol. I've got like 2 weeks or more of stuff in here, but it's all interesting at least!

Killed Biast with some people. It was a pretty fun fight, tanking as a 68 war or so, but then Biast stopped playing nice and hit me with added effect Terror then raped me. :( I raised up and outposted to Bastok to change to drk/nin to own him. I got the dorp!!! The helm is pretty sweet, and pretty good for low lvl haste+.

I like me some random KB! This was pretty long ago lmao, oh well. >.>; We teamed up with Shadows lol. Shadow fails on lotting for m legs cause he got a 32 or something.

Speaking of Shadow, I helped him with Ancient Goobbue with Ismoker. Although I wasn't really tanking cause Jiriki went as mnk/nin and face pawned him with haste and double march songs. Sadly the bastard was greedy that day :(.

Right before I hit lvl 69 on war, I camped the annoying mob known as charybdis! Tons of fun I know, especially with it's crazy spawn conditions (8hrs after death it goes into lottery off 1 of 2 PHs). Camped it a total of 3 times for myself and a few times for Caf and Dj, but we didn't get it to spawn for them. :/ Smoker main tanked for me. I was there as thf to be a backup tank in case Smoke got owned. Luckily, with me 2boxing as Scythed, there was no problem at all with Charybdis, except for the weird shit it tried to pull for 5 min, just look at the picture! Oh yeah, we let that douche Rellitard join us 'cause we needed some extra curing. >.>

I've pretty much been expreeing warrior when there's no events. I had some awesome parties on the way to 75, for a change... amazing I know XD. In all of them I pretty much was owning the shite out of everyone else, but hey that's a given 80% of the time. >.>; Hey look there's Mayu in one of those! :p I'll let the pics speak for me since there's a hell of alot.

Partied with Scyffine and Ismoker a few nights ago. I got 75 that party! Too bad it ended with me being 50exp into the lvl. -.- After the party we were on the way to the staging point there and made a wrong turn. That wrong turn ended up being with half a dozen true sight Imps, that we weren't sneaky enough to get past them. Caffine goes down, then Ismoker, and while I'm watching them from a seemingly safe place an Imp aggroes me from a mile away, yay! >.> Well they were decent challenge but damn, I didn't know they did a silence move. Of course I had no echos. >.> After disposing it with about 60% HP left, I get aggroed again. Don't ask me how 'cause I don't know, I personally think it botted the claim. So, I'm owning it (kind of?), then it uses it's silence move! The fight was so close, but in the end my Irish heritage paid off and I lived with 83 HP. XD!!! Rested up and then Smoke brought Trv out to Raise III them. Fun indeed!

So after another non-dropping Ridill Fatnir Wednesday, I gathered some people up to expree. The whole 3hr and 10minish party consisted of 1 chain lol. Chain 326 and 64k expree FTW! We were pawning mobs left and right, it was pretty crazy. Hats off to Tellus, who pulled for us all throughout the afternoon. Oh ya, and Karinplus +2! J/king Dj, you were a good whm of hastingwwww.^^; Wtf, is that capped exp!? Yep, for the first time ever I had capped exp. I say had 'cause of course I had to die a couple times in dynamis-greedybard that night. Capped exp = bad omen!

29 April 2006 @ 10:50 pm
I've been pretty busy to update this thing. Working on finals at school and some other stuff. After this week though I'll prob roll out with a big update.